Sherry Quan Lee
How To Write A Suicide Note

"How to Write a Suicide Note is a haunting portrait
of the daughter of an Black mother and a
Chinese father. Sherry dares to be who she isn't
supposed to be, feel what she isn't supposed to
feel, and destroys racial and gender myths as she
integrates her bi-racial identity into all that she is.
Through her raw honesty and vulnerability,
Sherry captures a range of emotions most people
are afraid to confront, or even share. Her work is
a gift to the mental health community."

—Beth Kyong Lo, M.A., Psychotherapist

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"And after you finish this book you will say to yourself, if you have any sense at all, this woman is a hero. This book is a gift. This book is a small and powerful miracle. If you read it with an open mind and heart, it will tell you much about America; it will tell you truths that are not there in our culture of mass media or in our canonized literature."

—David Mura (from preface to CHINESE BLACKBIRD)